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For autumn 2017 you can check Airport Dubrovnik searchable schedule, as well as Croatia airlines schedule.

Companies that fly to Dubrovnik directly: You can also look at the options through Zagreb or Split. Companies that fly to Zagreb directly: You can also try Split airport. For all timetables see here .
Some of the companies that fly to Split directly: There are also two airports relatively close to Dubrovnik: Mostar (Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Tivat (Montenegro). Some of the companies that fly to Tivat directly: Distances between mentioned cities and airports and Dubrovnik (by ViaMichelin):
  • Zagreb-Dubrovnik — 600 km
  • Split-Dubrovnik — 200 km
  • Mostar-Dubrovnik — 140 km
  • Tivat-Dubrovnik — 100 km
To help you with the flight search you can use sites like:
Transfer from airport
Dubrovnik Airport Cilipi is located 22 km from the City. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Conference venue. The participants can take a bus from the airport to the City (Main bus station). The buses leave the airport after every landing (Airport Transportation).
You can buy the ticket on the bus. From the Main bus station you can take a local bus or a taxi to the hotel. From the airport you can also take a taxi. Taxi price from airport to the city is approximately 35-50EUR.

Rent a car
At the airport you can also rent a car in local or international car rental agency.
  • Avant Car +385 20 773 178
  • Avis +385 20 773 811
  • Bingo Rent +385 20 773 136
  • Budget +385 20 773 290
  • Dollar-Thrifty car rental +385 20 773 588
  • Fleet +385 20 773 972
  • Hertz +385 20 771 568
  • International +385 20 773 986
  • Last Minute +385 20 773 865
  • Mack Car Rental +385 20 773 984
  • Nova Rent A Car +385 20 773 988
  • Oryx +385 20 773 870
  • Peugeot +385 20 773 953
  • Sixt +385 20 773 210
  • Uniline +385 20 773 956
  • Uni rent +385 20 773 480

Dubrovnik is connected by bus with various domestic and international places, as well as services heading to Dubrovnik Airport.

The Dubrovnik's main bus station is located at the Western entrance to the town, in port of Gruz, which is about 15-20 minutes ride by local bus to Pile, the main gate of Dubrovnik Old City. Local buses to and from main bus station operate every 10-15 minutes:

Dubrovnik bus station

Ship (this is a marvelous experience)
Split-Dubrovnik. The ship departs from Split early morning and arrives to Dubrovnik in afternoon of the same day with a pretty cruising among the beautiful Dalmatian islands. See the timetable here.

You can use ViaMichelin web site to plan your trip from your home to Dubrovnik.


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